First Check, Then Act

Before we treat you, we will make a comprehensive diagnosis. This allows to undertake specific preventive actions and to avoid any unnecessary treatment steps.

By measuring periodontal pockets or gum pockets and by testing the vitality of teeth, dead teeth and teeth presumably without symptoms and inflammatory processes are recognized beforehand. Particularly hidden inflammations often affect the entire body. For example, they increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. Frequently, there is a direct connection between diabetes mellitus and gum disease (periodontitis).

If further diagnostics are needed, we use the latest technical aids:

  • The surgical microscope (OPMI) for example helps inspect root canal treatments before and during the therapy.

  • Digital x-ray with low radiation exposure

  • DVT - digital volume tomography (or CBCT -  cone beam computer tomography) as modern 3D x-ray procedure is ideal to plan surgical interventions such as the extraction of wisdom teeth, implantations, root canal treatments, extraction of teeth shifted in the bone and it assists in the search for hidden inflammations in the jaw bone.

  • Laser fluorescence procedure with "Diagnodent" laser, which offers one option to examine absolutely without pain and without any exposure to x-ray radiation any cavity-suspected, discolored spots in the dental enamel.

  • Intra-oral camera to visualize the situation in the mouth better and for documentation purposes; it allows the patient to understand more easily and monitor any planned treatment course.