Anesthesia/Nitrous Oxide

The sedation with nitrous oxide is a modern and safe procedure to control anxieties and pain. It can make treatment significantly more comfortable and alleviate stress particularly in the treatment of children and anxious patients. In addition, the calming and relaxing effect lowers the sense of pain.

The patient inhales the otherwise harmless, odorless and tasteless nitrous oxide (disodium monoxide, N2O) through a light nose mask. It has a rather rapid effect and patients feel comfortable as if they float on cloud nine wrapped in cotton. The heart rate is lowered to normal levels and the time during treatment passes quickly. There is no loss of control. After the treatment is completed, the effect declines rapidly and patients can drive home after approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

> Infoblatt und Einwilligung Lachgas-Sedierung (Kinder)

> Infoblatt zur Lachgas-Entspannung