(CMD) Craniomandibular disorders

The entire "chewing apparatus" (mouth, teeth, muscles of mastication and mandibular joints) can get out of balance for various reasons. It often causes a number of discomforts, which can affect various body regions. Abnormalities of tooth positions can cause facial pain or headaches, neck, shoulder or back pain but also tinnitus (noises in the ears). Often times, the ability to move the lower jaw (opening of the mouth) is restricted or can change through the motion of chewing and swallowing.

The recognition of causes for your discomfort enables us to initiate a treatment with relaxation or positioning guides. This can unburden and harmonize the entire chewing apparatus. These discomforts frequently stop or are at least alleviated.

With our measurement technology, we find individual movements of the jaws precisely. It allows us determining the movement of the jaws and the bite position "healthy" or physiologically proper for the patient. We apply this form of jaw joint diagnostics when producing dentures in order to adapt to the individual bite situation and movement patterns.

If the clinical symptoms are more specific or pronounced, we consult additional specialists such as physiotherapists, orthopedists.