Over the past years, more and more micro-surgical interventions are carried out in dentistry. This truly means less pain for the patient after any surgical intervention - healing will progress faster.

The use of fine surgical instruments allows for a gentle treatment. The incision into the soft tissue and the surgical region in hard tissue can be reduced to a minimum. Therefore, the tissue will be spared. By using extremely fine sutures, scarring will be very slight or nearly invisible.

Video Endodontic Surgery

The surgical microscope (OPMI) provides just as good services during root canal treatment (endodontics). Important structures and details, which no longer can be noticed by the mere eye or the magnifying glass are seen precisely and can be treated perfectly.

For an in-depth training in these techniques, since 2012 Dr. Arendt has attended the international study program at the renowned Institute for Microsurgery/Microendodontics at Penn Dental School in Philadelphia in the United States.