Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry

Beautiful teeth and healthy gums convey health, a zest for life, attractiveness and sympathy. Our goal is to retain these as gentle as possible and for a lifetime. We achieve this goal with the latest treatment methods and a sense for individual tooth aesthetic.

We are happy to advise you about measures that make sense to retain your teeth or to improve them. We use fully ceramic systems for veneers (overlays) or bridges and crowns to achieve this goal. Sometimes it is necessary to correct the gum line or to use orthodontic interventions to line up teeth. You can trust our experience of over 20 years and our professional competence.

We have several techniques to make discolored teeth brighter. In this context, a differentiation is made between various methods depending on the underlying causes of the discoloration. In general, a differentiation is made between internal and external discolorations. External discolorations are primarily caused by plaque on the tooth's surface, which comes from many years of the use of tobacco, coffee, red wine or tea. Internal discolorations can be caused by substances (such as medications), which have manifested themselves during childhood while the tooth was still developing. Moreover, trauma (accident) or any other untreated stages of inflammation during the developmental stage are possible causes of permanent discolorations. We apply tried and proven bleaching techniques, whereby the bleaching substance increases its effect by applying an additional light source.

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