Pediatric Dentistry for Children and Teens

At our office, your children are in the best hands. We have been appointed "specialist of the German Society for Pediatric Dentistry" (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kinder- und Jugendzahnheilkunde" because of our special qualified education. Our empathetic, knowledgeable and professional team ensures loving, gentle, and child-appropriate treatment.

We offer the entire service range of prevention and treatment of injuries to primary teeth through the mixed transitional dentition to the permanent teeth. We emphasize prevention, but in therapy we use all of the latest methods such as sealing, filling with plastics, root canal treatments, pediatric crowns, placeholders and pediatric dentures.

We prefer laser fluorescence proceedings as diagnostics. Therefore, we can differentiate between "discoloration" or cavity lesions in need of treatment. We are specialized in complete dental restoration under general anesthesia or with nitrous oxide. If general anesthesia becomes necessary, we work with a team of anesthesiologists experienced in pediatric treatments.